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Popular tours I organize include:

This is the heart of the Polish route dedicated to Pope St. John Paul II. The city is made famous by the fact that Karol Wojtyła was born here. The papal trail cannot miss the quiet but charming Wadowice, located in the vicinity of the picturesque Beskid Mały.

You will find out where the Polish Pope was born

It is worth visiting the museum John Paul’s House Museum Family Home of the Holy Father John Paul II

It is worth stopping and reflecting in the Basilica of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

It is worth tasting the iconic papal cream cake

It is not only a pilgrimage city, but the only calvary in the world, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Karol Wojtyła became not only an honorary citizen of the city but also its patron. Pilgrims flock to both the sanctuary of Bernardines with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Kalwaria, but they make pilgrimages on the Paths of Jesus, and the Paths of Our Lady, almost faithful copy of the Way of Sorrows in Jerusalem.

You will learn how they were created and what the Kalwaria paths areIt is worth visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of the AngelsIt is necessary to participate in the Passion Mystery in the Holy Week or in the August indulgence of the Dormition and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.It is worth bowing down to the image of Our Lady of Kalwaria

Those who love the mountains cannot miss this magical place. The panorama that we will see while climbing the peaks of the Tatra Mountains will fall in our hearts for the rest of our lives. An unforgettable experience will be a visit to Morskie Oko, recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world.

You will find out why there is a cross on Giewont and what Giewont mountain hides inside …It is worth seeing highlander wooden buildings and the Cemetery of Merit in Pęksowy BrzyzekYou will taste highlander cheese: with the original names oscypek, bundz

You must do some shopping and take a walk along the most famous street, Krupówki

It owes its fame to the salt mine, which has been operating continuously in Wieliczka for over 700 years. The labyrinth of almost 300 km of corridors is not only a monument to Polish history and one of the seven wonders of Poland, but also a monument inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

You will learn how, according to legend, thanks to St. Kinga’s salt appeared in Poland

It is worth visiting the salt mines of 3.5 kilometers of 800 stairs, 20 chambers, located at depths of up to 135 meters

It is worth stopping and breathing in the biggest graduation tower in Wieliczka in southern Poland Only for the brave a real mining route in miners’ overalls

On-line sightseeing

Krakowianka – the Cracow guide invites to on-line sightseeing on Zoom, Skype or facebook. There are two options: Lecture with the photos and a virtual presentation, or on line sightseeing the guide shows you around the selected places of their city, and guests watch a live transmission on –line on their computers.

Krakowianka on TV

Appeared on the Polish version of Extreme Makeover home edition shown on ” TV Polsat episode 198,2020 (28th minute) run by Katarzyna Dowbor
appeared in a documentary entitled Cracow guide in Nowa Hutaw in „Nowa Huta newsreel” episode number NKF nr 639 – 10/2020 TVP 3 1,29 minute 2020

Ever since I was born, I have been in love with Nowa huta, hence my idea to create the route entitled „Fall in love with Nowa Huta ” (awarded by the Museum of Cracow in 2020 ) due to this fact we may meet and deepen our love for Nowa Huta.
Dear guests Zofia also known as Beautiful Zośka was a very attractive girl . One day unfortunately her body was found but…without the head. That is why the white lady whose ghost shows by night on Nowa Huta meadows is probably the Beatiful Zośka…

Krakowianka on the radio

Polish radio for children the show called„Tea with the rabbit Filip and the lion Leopold” Kraków:,Krakowskie-legendy

Ojcowski National Park:,Tajemnice-Ojcowskiego-Parku-Narodowego

Krakowianka on the big screen

Appeared in a documentary entitled „Extinction of the city” directed by Wojciech Mucha TVP 1 2020

Krakowianka conference participant

Conference of Museum of Cracow entitled „ The place after , place without” on Dark tourism in Cracow 2015